Our extremely wide range of vehicles offers prices to suit the size of any wallet. Whatever budget you are looking to spend, we have a wide variety of options for you.
Whether you are looking to find a cheap car or you are looking for the newest cars to rent, we want to ensure that the price won’t stop anyone from experiencing renting a car from us.

Varied & wide range of vehicles
Rental packages for all budgets
Significant benefits
High quality modern vehicles






Vogue Luxury Car is your partner for vehicle rental.

We put at your disposition the best personalized services for your car rental.

We understand that many people who rent a car may plan to visit Marrakech on public holiday.
Whether you need to drop off your car rental on Sunday or pick up your rental on a holiday, it is no problem for us.

It isn’t random chance that you will need assistance in the middle of the night,
and unlike our competitors who don’t seem to care about you as soon as they clock out, we are here and ready to assist at any time of day or night.

At Vogue Car Rental we do not charge for an additional driver.
You can have a 2nd driver on the contract at no charge.
Share the driving and stay safe on our roads at no extra cost.

Note: Additional driver must be eligible to rent the car, and must be present to sign the rental agreement.

At Vogue car rental we know how important it is to have a car delivered and retrieved on time,
we ensure that everything runs smoothly for you and make this a top priority.
We understand that it can be stressful when it comes to getting to your rental car location to pick up a car,
so we took the hassle away from it.

Note: Additional charges may apply for delivery or pick-up outside of Marrakech City.